Hot-plunge stirred consistent line divider thickness standard detail Hot-plunge electrifies steel pipe divider thickness standard

DN (ostensible measurement) 250 is for the most part what the business calls 273, welded steel pipe (twisting steel pipe) thickness is by and large more normal between 6-8mm.
Welded steel pipe divider thickness blunder standard of 2mm.
Reproduction boundaries range: vertical line: pipe distance across D = lOmm, pipe length L = 660mm.
Three vertical ding welded steel pipe: pipe width D = 10mm, ding welded steel pipe ebb and flow distance across and the adjustment of the proportion of the twisting line measurement were Dc/D = 15,20,25, winding pitch Pt = 20mm, the length of the line were L = 503mm, L = 660mm, L = 817MM.
Grouping of welded steel pipe.
1, general welded pipe: general welded pipe is utilized to ship low tension liquid. Made of Q195A, Q215A, Q235A steel. Can likewise be made of other delicate steel that is not difficult to weld.
Steel line to be pressure driven, bowing, smoothing and different tests, there are sure necessities for surface quality, the standard conveyance length of 4-10m, frequently expected to fixed (or times the length) conveyance. Welded pipe particulars with ostensible type (millimeters or inches) ostensible type and the real unique, welded pipe as per the predefined divider thickness of customary steel pipe and thickened steel pipe two, steel pipe as indicated by the type of the finish of the line with string and without string two.
2, stirred steel pipe: to further develop the consumption opposition of steel pipes, the overall steel pipe (dark line) for galvanization. Electrifies steel pipe is isolated into two sorts of hot excited and electro stirred, hot aroused excited layer of thick, electro aroused minimal expense.
3, oxygen blowing welded pipe: utilized as steel blowing pipe, by and large with a little breadth of welded steel pipe, particulars from 3/8 inch – 2 inch eight. Made of 08, 10, 15, 20 or Q195-Q235 steel strip. To forestall erosion, some of them are treated with aluminizing.
4, wire sleeve: is standard carbon steel welded steel pipe, utilized in concrete and an assortment of underlying dispersion projects, normally utilized ostensible breadth from 13-76mm. wire sleeve tube divider is slight, generally covered or excited after use, the prerequisite for cold twisting test
5, metric welded pipe: determinations as consistent cylinders, with the external distance across * divider thickness of millimeters said welded steel pipe, with conventional carbon steel, great carbon steel or general low compound steel tropical, cold strip welding, or tropical welding and afterward made by chilly dial strategy.
Metric welded pipe is partitioned into all inclusive energy and dainty walled, conventional utilized as underlying parts, for example, transmission shafts, or to ship malleable iron galvanized pipe fittings liquids, slim walled used to deliver furniture, lights, and so forth, to guarantee the strength of steel line and twisting test.
Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – public standard welded steel pipe
Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – welded steel pipe
4, electrifies steel pipe divider thickness of the passable deviation is what detail

Welded steel pipe for low strain liquid transmission GB/T3091-2008 permits the deviation of stirred steel pipe divider thickness is give or take 10%.
Ostensible divider thickness (mm):2.0, 2.5, 2.8, 3.2, 3.5, 3.8, 4.0, 4.5.
Coefficient boundaries (c): 1.064, 1.051, 1.045, 1.040, 1.036, 1.034, 1.032, 1.028.
Note: The mechanical properties of steel are significant markers to guarantee the last use properties (mechanical properties) of steel, which rely upon the substance arrangement and hotness treatment system of steel. In the steel pipe standard, as per the different use prerequisites, determine the pliable properties (rigidity, yield strength or yield point, stretching) and hardness, durability markers, there are client necessities of high and low temperature execution, and so on
Grades of steel: Q215A; Q215B; Q235A; Q235B.
Test pressure esteem/Mpa:D10.2-168.3mm for 3Mpa;D177.8-323.9mm for 5Mpa
Specialized prerequisites
1、Grade and synthetic organization
The grade and synthetic organization of the steel utilized for aroused steel line should be as per the grade and substance creation of the steel utilized for dark line as indicated in GB/T3092.
2、Manufacturing technique
The assembling technique for dark line (heater welding or electric welding) is picked by the maker. Stirring is finished by hot plunge arousing technique.
3、Threads and pipe joints
(a) For excited steel pipes conveyed with strings, the strings should be turned after galvanisation. The strings will adjust to the arrangements of YB 822.
(b) Steel pipe joints will consent to the arrangements of YB 238; moldable cast iron line joints will follow the arrangements of YB 230.
4、Mechanical properties The mechanical properties of steel pipes prior to electrifying will adjust to the arrangements of GB 3092.
5, the consistency of the electrifies layer of aroused steel line ought to be made to test the consistency of the excited layer. Steel pipe examples in copper sulfate answer for 5 back to back plunges will not become red (copper plating tone).
6, cold twisting test ostensible distance across of not more than 50mm electrifies steel line should be cold bowing test. Bowing point of 90 °, the bowing sweep of multiple times the external measurement. Test without filler, the example weld should be put toward bowing or the upper side. After the test, the example ought not have breaks and zinc layer chipping with the picture.
7, pressure driven test water powered test ought to be completed in the dark cylinder, can likewise be utilized rather than vortex ebb and flow defect recognition water driven test. Test strain or swirl current blemish identification contrast example size ought to be predictable with the arrangements of GB 3092. Steel mechanical properties are significant pointers to guarantee the end-use properties (mechanical properties) of steel.