How to correctly use facial skin scurbber?

Facial skin scurbber must be used with products, such as shovel nose black, must use black out fluid, shovel face, need to use some fruit acid skin products or oil soluble enzyme.
A lot of people do not understand the use of facial skin scurbber, do not know how to use with products, think shovel leather machine is dry scraping, see all kinds of heart, scraping things can be scraping out, and then immediately place an order to buy. But when things get to the hand, they don’t use it that way. They can’t even scratch anything. Then began to return or abuse, in fact, is wrong usage.
The home use facial skin scurbber is a simplified miniature version of the large, small bubble spatulas in beauty parlours. Beauty parlor’s small bubble instrument is a comprehensive suction pen, facial skin scurbber, vibration bar, ice hammer, ultrasonic pen and other beauty instrument. Before using this instrument, it is necessary to use blackheads easy out liquid to remove blackheads easily.
A lot of friends to buy a facial skin scurbber is used for home use, but do not understand the beauty salon before buying small bubbles to black principles and operating procedures, Mistakenly thought that directly buys the shovel or the black head instrument to be able to use, actually this is the big mistake area.

How do we operate the facial skin scurbber at home?
First use a professional medical beauty black out fluid deposited nose, about ten minutes black will be softened into fluffy oil particles, and then use a vacuum pen or black shovel to clean up.
Facial skin scurbber machine has a good effect on fat silk and fat plug with high lipid content, but not on vellus hair type and horny black head with low lipid content. On the latter two good methods are tear pull mask and tweezers. Of course, the same person may have multiple types of blackheads that can be used in a combination of ways. In either case, the import feature is still worth having.
In the case of improper use, may hurt the skin. Although the principle of facial skin scurbber is to use ultrasonic vibration to promote the hair follicle horny, lipid plug, fat silk and so clean out, But in the use of the process, but also need a certain amount of pressure on the skin surface, in the moving process, too much force is also friction, so, use should also pay attention to the weight, the technique.
Understand the cause of blackhead, sebaceous glands and hair follicles have a common export, when the seberian glands are affected by various factors, Will be a large number of oil production, excess oil can not be cleaned up in time, may adsorb dust in the air, waste cutin plug pores, and will be oxidized by the air to form a black plug, that is, we say black.
Pore mouth has black hard material to block pore, inside hair follicle is grease, fatty acid and other mixture, extruded shape such as small insects, the top black. Forehead, nose long black, we all want to get rid of it and then fast, but master the correct method to black is key, removal effect is high, not easy to relapse.
To blackhead is a long-term project, we need to adhere to do to black management and daily care. To do edge to blackhead, while shrinking pores, prevent blackhead recurrence. Shovel board to black, small bubble to black is not a management can solve, need to adhere to management and do a good job of cleaning, oil control, replenishment, sunscreen and other daily care, and develop good living habits, low-sugar low-fat diet.