The benefits of squats

1. Weight-bearing squats are the best posture to increase leg strength. The strength of the legs is the most important for the energy of the whole body, and the development potential is also great. Powerlifting, snatching, strong man, throwing, this new energy project mainly relies on leg strength. There is great potential for the development of leg strength.

2. Weight-bearing squats can also promote the energy of the whole body very well. To understand, leg strength, hip strength, waist strength, but the vast majority of body energy. In addition, because weight-bearing squats can maximize the metabolism of male hormones, it also has an excellent effect on upper limb energy.

3. Preferred for more developed thigh muscles. The feet account for more than half of the body length. If you don’t have a well-developed foot, you can’t be called a physique anyway, at most it can only be called a half physique.

4. Promote the growth and development olympic weight bumper plates of body muscles. Without exception, post bodybuilders attach great importance to weight-bearing squats. Because weight-bearing squats can maximize the metabolism of male hormones, and abundant male hormones can promote the growth and development of body muscles.

5. Players of heavy competitive new events attach great importance to weight-bearing squats! Weight-bearing squats can greatly improve their jumping ability. Before the High Jump World Championships, Bimeng, but use 308Kg to train the kneeling posture.

6.Improve heart function. Squat down and clear your brain. Often training weight-bearing squats can make the heart stronger.

7. Anti-aging. The old legs grow old first, and often practice weight-bearing squats, which can significantly reduce the rate of decline. For example, the famous weight-bearing squat PhD student can squat 1014 pounds at 46. He is now in his 60s, and he is still as strong and healthy as a young man.Enhance sexual ability. This is also the effect of promoting the metabolism of testosterone, which is completely free of Viagra