What is the difference between IPL hair remover and laser hair remover?

  1. 1. The difference between laser and IPL hair remover.

Laser hair removal and IPL hair removal are two common treatments for permanent hair removal. Most people mistakenly think that IPL hair removal is also treated by laser, but there is a significant difference between the two treatments. At present, many beauty salons on the market provide IPL hair removal courses, but claim to use laser treatment, causing confusion among consumers. In fact, our country stipulates that only doctors can provide laser therapy, and the hair removal matching introduced by beauty salons can only use photons to remove hair.

Let’s figure out the principles of two kinds of hair removal first.
First of all, let’s understand the growth tissue structure of hair. Hair can’t be removed because it has nipples at the root. The hairy nipples are located above the blood vessels and constantly draw nutrients from the blood for the growth of hair. So, the focus of hair removal is to destroy the nipples. Laser and pulse light can produce photothermal power, can be fully absorbed by melanin in hair follicles, and then cause damage to hair follicles, and finally stop hair growth.

The difference between the two kinds of hair removal is that the laser instrument emits a single specific wavelength of energy pulse width that passes through the skin layer to the hair follicles at the root of the hair. This method can selectively “lock” the scope of treatment, if properly carried out, can penetrate the light energy directly into a specific hair root, more targeted to destroy the hair follicles target, avoid injury to the surrounding tissue.

Pulse light is referred to as IPL, which belongs to light therapy. Different from the single specific wavelength of laser therapy, pulse light emits light with different wavelengths, which can not be concentrated as a beam of light wave, so the pertinence and penetration are not as strong and deep as laser, and the effect of removing thicker hair is also relatively weakened, but there is also another advantage is that the wavelength of Tixie household hair remover is 510g-1200nm, so it will also be accompanied by anti-inflammation, skin tenderness, wrinkle and so on.

  1. 2. Frequency and cost of treatment
    Whether the course of treatment hurts or not depends on the ability of the individual to bear the pain. The feeling of laser therapy is like being lightly flacked by a thermal fascia, which is usually anesthetized locally to ease discomfort. Pulse light treatment does not require local anesthesia, but the use of pulse light to sensitive parts such as private parts of hair removal may cause pain.
    To achieve 70% to 80% hair removal effect, laser therapy requires six to eight courses of treatment for the face and five or six courses for other parts of the body.
    IPL hair removal requires more, or even double, more. There must be an interval of six weeks between each course of treatment of the face and eight weeks between the rest of the face.
    Whether it is laser or IPL hair removal, the cost of different parts has a great difference. Many beauty salons provide unlimited axillary hair removal, but only under the armpit, not including other parts of the body. Some clinics also offer laser hair removal kits.
  2. 3. The concept of permanent depilation
    Permanent depilation is actually an ambiguous word, all the depilation techniques on the market can not achieve permanent depilation, but can be permanently reduced. Permanent hair reduction is clearly defined as a long-term and stable reduction in the amount of hair regeneration at the end of a treatment process that may consist of several cycles. The number of hair regeneration must be stable at a time that far exceeds the complete growth cycle of the hair follicles. The growth cycle of hair follicles varies from 4 to 12 months according to the body part.
  3. 4. Reasons for regular maintenance
    Hair has a growth cycle, whether it is laser or photonic hair remover, it is effective for hair during the growth period, but has no effect on the retrogression and rest period. In the retreat and rest period, the hair has been detached from the hair nipples, so the heat can not be transmitted to the root of the hair, and thus can not destroy the hair nutrition of the hair nipples. In addition, the growth cycle of hair is inconsistent, so it needs multiple treatments in order to achieve the effect.
  4. 5. Matters needing attention before treatment
    Avoid hair removal, honey wax depilation, removal of hair with pliers or removal of face. You can only shave if necessary, and you can shave it a day or two before you receive hair removal treatment. Avoid sun exposure, because tanned skin is more likely to burn or cause other side effects. In case of accidental tanning, you should move the course of hair removal for six to eight weeks.
    In addition, if you want to choose laser hair removal, we must choose a regular hospital operation to avoid high energy and damage to the skin, leaving unnecessary trauma. Of course, if you choose a household hair remover, you also need to try it out from the lower end, so that the skin can adapt to it and slowly raise the gear.
    Also note that the skin skin dry or too high temperature, are not suitable for immediate instrument hair removal, will easily cause redness, swelling and allergy, resulting in counterproductive effects.
  5. 6. The harm of honey wax, hair remover, shaving knife, etc.
    Hair removal cream is the use of the chemical mercaptoacetic acid (calcium) in the hair removal paste to dissolve the hair structure, to achieve hair removal effect. Strong irritation, skin redness and swelling skin surface is easy to corrode, skin redness and swelling, cause inflammation. A short period of time to remove a large area of hair, easy to cause skin hair follicles disease.
    Beeswax hair removal is depilated wax along the direction of hair flat on the skin, and then stick a layer of cloth block, reverse hair occurred square peeling cloth strip, pain is very strong, easy to cause hair follicular inflammation, skin turn red. Rapid and small area hair removal, and honey wax is difficult to clean.
    If the shaving knife is easy to scrape thicker and thicker, the longer the shaving, the more careful the operation will also be easy to scratch.