What is the distinction between cast iron and consistent steel pipes and electrifies steel pipes?

There are 3 contrasts between cast iron lines and consistent and excited steel pipes.

One, the outline of the three is unique.

  1. Outline of solid metal lines: Pipes made of solid metal cast into shape.

2, the outline of consistent steel pipe: made of the entire piece of metal, the outer layer of the steel pipe without creases, called consistent steel pipe.

3, outline of excited steel pipes: otherwise called stirred lines, steel pipes that are electrifies by electroplating on the outer layer of the steel pipe.

Second, the attributes of the three are unique.
1, the attributes of solid metal line: in the low and medium tension organization (by and large utilized for under 6MPa), pliable iron line has a protected and dependable activity, low breakage rate, simple and quick development and support, magnificent enemy of erosion execution, and so on

The recently evolved “Rock Shield” series of lines can be utilized for non-exhuming development and are broadly utilized in the development of pipelines crossing waterways, streets and structures. The “Sai Zinc” series of lines utilize a unique zinc-aluminum composite covering cycle to further develop the erosion obstruction of the lines a few times, and are generally utilized in the development of destructive soils.

  1. Qualities of consistent steel pipes: no surface joints.

3、Characteristics of aroused steel pipes: uniform covering, solid bond, long help life, and so on Electrifies cost is low, the surface isn’t extremely smooth, and its own consumption opposition is a lot of more regrettable than that of hot-plunge aroused lines.

Three, the utilization of the three unique.

1, the utilization of solid metal line: reasonable for new, extended and adjusted common and modern structures indoor and outside pipe width galvanised malleable iron pipe fittings DN50mm ~ DN300mm, inner tension isn’t more than 0.3MPa attachment and clasp type association of dark cast iron line and its supporting fittings of life seepage pipe, water pipe, non-disintegration modern creation squander water line and precipitation pipe.

2, the utilization of consistent steel pipe: consistent steel pipe is generally utilized. Broadly useful consistent steel pipe is moved from normal carbon primary steel, low compound underlying steel or composite underlying steel, the most creation, fundamentally utilized as a pipeline or primary parts for the vehicle of liquids.

3, the utilization of excited steel pipe: regularly said aroused line is currently fundamentally used to move gas, warming. Aroused line as a water pipe, following a couple of long periods of utilization, the cylinder delivers a great deal of rust scale, the surge of yellow water not just contaminate the sterile product, and blended with unsmooth internal divider reproducing microorganisms; rust consumption brought about by exorbitant weighty metal substance in the water, genuinely imperiling human wellbeing. In the sixties and seventies, created nations started to foster new kinds of cylinders, and in a steady progression prohibited aroused lines.

The fundamental distinction between cast iron lines and steel pipes is that they are utilized for various purposes, have various attributes and are grouped in an unexpected way.

1、Different employments

Cast iron line is appropriate for new development, extension, change of common and modern structures indoor and cinched association of life seepage pipe, water pipe, modern waste water line and downpour trickle pipe.

Steel pipe is utilized for conveying liquids and powder solids, trading heat, producing mechanical parts and holders, and is a financial steel. The utilization of steel lines to fabricate space brackets, sections and mechanical backings for building structures diminishes weight, saves 20-40% of metal and empowers industrialized motorized development.